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2010-2011 News

We are in the midst of our high season, and we are enjoying every minute of it. We are enjoying the use of our new and improved dive boat, and we also waiting eagerly to move into a new centre. This is currently under construction, but when its finished, Lotus Dive will be bigger and better. We have also opened a small shop where we sell a range of dive and beach gear. We will expand this when we move into our new shop.

To ensure you time is equally as enjoyable here are some tips.



There is no ATM on the island so bring cash with you. You can take out cash through the larger resorts at a cost of 5-8%

You can exchange some currencies. Please note that Travellers cheques are quite difficult to exchange.


Sun Protection

After a cold and sunless wintery season our skin is very sensitive. Please ensure you look after you self by...

Dressing in a shirt and shorts whilst being in the sun and particuarly when snorkelling for long periods of time. Sunscreen doesn't dissolve easily in the sea and can adversly affect the coral so try and not over do it.

Try and remember to drink lots of water and juices to rehydrate

Try and avoid spending your first days completely in the sun or you will look and feel like fried bacon!


Reduce Waste

Try and reduce your plastic contribution to the island by asking your resort if they offfer a water refill service. Pooh's Restaurant and Lotus Dive do.

Also refuse plastic bags and use your day bag to carry your purchases.

Try and keep your water usage to a minimum, the water must support many people so try and be conservative.


Enjoy your stay!


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